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Hi, here you can find the quick info about the Blog’s topics.

Reforged Italian Dream – Some time ago my wife and I decided to move to Italy and start a new life there. This is definatelly the biggest and most interesting project I have ever run, so I decided to write about it. Here you can find all the information about how we make this Italian dream come true.

Reforged Life – recently, I experienced a series of events that caused me to change my life completely. Here you will find all information on this subject. In addition, you will find here posts with my perspective on various topics.

Reforged Cars – I have always wanted to trade in classic cars. I finally made the first move. Here you will find all information about my adventure with classic cars.

Reforged Guitars – I run a small online store with vintage guitars. Here you will find all information about running a store and about guitars that I have the pleasure to have in my store.

Reforged Photography – Photography has been with me for many, many years. Here you will find posts about my activity as a passionate photographer.

Reforged Vintage Stuff – I have always liked all kinds of antiquities. Here you will find posts about my efforts to create a small online antiques store.

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