Welcome everyone!

Welcome everyone!

Here I’ll be covering topics that I think are important, but mainly I’d like to talk about happiness, or more specifically, what I think is worth doing to be happy.

And here’s an important note: we won’t talk about what I do to be happy, because what makes me happy won’t necessarily make you happy. Here we will talk about activities that I consider objectively good for everyone, which I believe are essential ingredients for a happy life.

I am starting this series because I feel a deep need to share with you my feelings and thoughts on various topics, and I would also like to add my voice to the very important discussion about truth. About how the truth is currently under attack, distorted, hidden.

I hope some of the topics we will be covering will help you look at important issues from the real side.

We will cover topics that are difficult, controversial, and they will require deeper reflection, which I encourage you to do. I also encourage you to actively comment, and hopefully together we will build a base of materials that will help many of you on your way to a happy life.

See you soon!