Reforged Cars – my first classic car for sale – BMW 735i E38, 3.5L V8, 38 000 km mileage (2001)

Yes! It finally happened. Just look at this beauty! 🙂

I proudly present you first classic car for sale from Reforged Cars. You can’t imagine how happy I am. I’m making one of my biggest dream come true. This is super special for me, because I always wanted to own a BWM 7 series. Every time I saw this model on the street I was talking to myselft: “Some day I will own one”. And of course I’m aware that this car will eventually change the owner, but before it happens, I will be able to drive it from time to time and this is simply amazing 🙂

I was already able to take it on few little trips and all I can say it’s that I trully love this car. The comfort of the drive is simply top notch and the suspension and gearbox work is just flawless. And this amazing V8 sound. Inside, the car looks like new. I swear if it wouldn’t have so low mileage (37 000 km) I would definately keep it for myself. But because I’m trying to start a business here I think that keeping the first car woudn’t be the best decision. But the temptation is huge 🙂

This is good news for you because you can become the owner of this beauty 🙂 Below you can find detailed information about the car.

BMW 735i E38 M Sport (2001), milage around 38 000 km.
As you may know from this post all my cars are driven few times a month so they don’t stand idle and they can be shown on wheels on car events and meetups.

  • Accident free – car history is documented.
  • Car was imported from Japan, now it is registered in Poland.
  • The car is after the full checkup by professional mechanic and it’s ready to drive. Oil has been changed with the milage of 37 800.
  • Right wheel arch laquer thickness is 169um, so I assume that this part was laquered second time. Other parts has factory laquer thickness.
  • Car’s VIN: WBAGG41010DN64892

Below you can find equipment info based on VIN raport:

  • S202A Steptronic
  • S210A Dynamic stability control
  • S548A Kilometre speedo
  • S204A Shorter final drive ratio
  • S216A Hydro steering-servotronic
  • S245A Steering wheel column adjustment,electr.
  • S261A Side airbags for rear passengers
  • P337A M Sports package
  • S339A Shadow-Line
  • S341A Bumpers completely in body colour
  • S354A Windscreen, green-tinted upper strip
  • S403A Glass roof, electrical
  • S415A Sun-blind, rear
  • S423A Floor mats velours
  • S428A Warning triangle and first aid kit
  • S430A Interior/outside mirror with auto dip
  • S441A Smoker package
  • S459A Seat adjustment, electric, with memory
  • S473A Armrest front
  • S481A Sports seat
  • S494A Seat heating driver/passenger
  • S496A Seat heating, rear
  • S500A Headl.washer system/intensive cleaning
  • S522A Xenon Light
  • S609A Navigation system Professional
  • S640A Preparation f tel.installation universal
  • S672A CD changer for 6 CDs
  • S676A HiFi speaker system
  • S704A M Sports suspension
  • S710A M Sports steering wheel, multifunction
  • S739A Fine wood trim
  • S775A Headlining anthracite
  • S780A BMW LA wheel, M parallel spoke
  • S785A White direction indicator lights
  • L807A National version Japan
  • S818A Battery master switch
  • S823A Hot-climate version
  • S845A Acoustic fasten seat belt reminder
  • S853A Language version, English
  • S875A Infrared remote control
  • S992A Control of number-plate attachment

If you have any questions do not hesitate to ask.
Seriously interested in buying, please contact me by email.

Reforged Cars – how it’s started and how I want to do this

Why cars? Well it’s simple. I love cars. It’s not that I loved them since I was a little kid – of course I had a posters of Lamborghini Diablo on and Ferrari Testarossa on my wall but at that time sports and video games were two things that comsumed most of my free time.
But when I finally get my first car I instantly fell in love with it. And I know that it was real love because the first car I drove on the street (apart from that on the track) had nothing to offer. It was a white Opel Combo B from the 90’s. This car was so bad I can’t even find the right words for it, but it still managed to find the right path to my heart and because it was the first one it will stay in my heart forever 🙂

I love the driving experience. I love engineering. But I also love that cars and motorbikes can save you a lot of time by taking you wherever and whenever you want. You can feel really free while driving. What’s more, every car has something unique and interesting, so you can discover their secrets throughout your life and never get bored. There is always something that you have not yet tried.

My interest of doing something with cars started when I realized that the path I have chosen for my professional life is very virtual and I get much more satisfaction when I work physically and I can see, touch or use effects of my work.
So, when I finally quit my regular job I started to think seriously about the cars. I remember that one day I saw TV Show called “Zadowowi Handlarze” (eng. Professional Traders) and there was a 2 guys who were importing cars from Japan. This interested me very much. I thought if they could, so would I. So, right after the show I did a research and I found that the cars from Japan are indeed in amazing shape and the prices are also very nice. So the decision was done I will try to buy some cars from Japan.

I decided that for few first cars I will buy a cars that are imported from Japan but are already in Poland. That way I would be able to check the market demand without going trought the whole importing proces.
I started talk about my plans with my friends and soon I get the contact to a guy (Hi Piotr :)) who is importing cars from Japan and that way I bought my first classic BMW! You can read about it more here).

My plans for cars trading are little different than you normally see on the market. I don’t want to be a guy who only carries his cars on a tow truck and most of the time the cars stay idle in some garage. I want for my cars that they will live their dream car life, getting all the love and admiration that classics deserve! And of course I want to be big part of this dream car life.

So, because of that I set some rules to myself, that will help me doing things right:

  • I will search and buy only interesting cars (true classics or masterpiece of engineering).
  • Every car that I buy will be checked by a professional mechanic and prepared for driving.
  • The transparency is crucial for me – you can ask me anything about the car you are interested in.
  • Every car in my shop will be driven regularly.
  • I will show my cars on as many car events or meetups possible.
  • I will write and make as much post and videos possible about every car in my carrage.

My plan for first year is to buy and sell 4-5 cars. I will keep you posted on every step I take to make this happen.