Reforged Cars – BMW M5 – the best automotive experience in my life

As you may know (or you will in a moment:)) I recently picked up the BMW M5 E60. This is the second car I bought to resell as Reforged Cars. But before we move on, please take a look at some photos of this beauty! πŸ™‚

From the previous post you may know that every car I buy as Reforged Cars is registered and driven regularly. To be sure that everything is working properly I test every car very carefully. I have a lot of fun testing classic BMWs, but testing M5 was something really special.

I can say that driving the BMW M5 was definitely the most intense, frightening, intimidating and beautiful automotive experience of my life.
Some time ago I was happy owner of 115 hp Yamaha Tracer Mt-09, so trust me, I know what real acceleration looks like. But the way BWM M5 bring those 507hp to life is simply astonishing.

I think the most amazing thing is that with a BMW M5 you have two cars in one.

If you just want to cruise, no problem! You set gearbox to automatic and set the gearbox speed to 1 and you can enjoy a comfortable limousine. The soundproofing in this car is so good that you can drive 200 km / h and you don’t even notice.

But when you want to have some fun, you just press the M button and 507 ferocious mechanical horses are ready to rip your head of. When you kick the pedal into the ground the car shows what it is really capable of. And it can do a lot! Driving M5 is such amazing and intense experience that there is no words to describe it. No YouTube videos will prepare you for what you’ll experience driving the M5.

And on top of everything there is this unique naturally aspirated v10 engine sound… Pure perfection!

I will never forget the day I drove the BMW M5 for the first time. When I finally got out of the car, I was so exhausted (in a good way) that after returning home I had to take a nap to process what had just happened πŸ™‚ How great to have a car that gives you so much emotion that it’s difficult to process it? πŸ™‚

This car is a savage beast. But if you take the time to understand it you will be the happiest beast master in the world.

The car is available for sale. It is located in Warsaw, Poland.
Please contact me if you interested.